Selecting the right pillow

Selecting the right pillow

If you've got a pillow cover in hand that you want to fill beautifully, then you probably have lots of questions. Join us as we walk through the process of selecting the right size and fill type.
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Top pillow sizes

Top pillow sizes

Although these are our most popular pillow inserts, we also have a wide variety of unusual sizes available. View All Pillow Insert Sizes

synthetic Down Pillow Inserts

Synthetic Down Fill

Do you have allergies, but still want plush pillows? No problem, we have down alternative pillow forms!

How do we do it? We use a fiber that's nearly 1/10 of the "normal polyester" fill fibers. This gives you the "staying power" of a down pillow with all the benefits of a hypo-allergenic pillow. The staying power lets you do a "karate chop" on your fiber filled allergen-free pillows and actually keeps them in shape!

This pillow fill alternative is many times known as "synthetic down". It's a very popular hypo-allergenic option. We offer this filling in all of our sizes. Contact us today for a quote in any size you might need .

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We are proud to offer wholesale pillow insert pricing to many fine retailers, hospitality organizations and interior designers.

Our Pillows

Our designer quality pillow inserts make your pillow covers or shams look amazing. We make each pillow form to order, but do it within two business days of your order--so your forms are delivered quickly. If that wasn't enough, we can make your square, rectangle, round, bolster, or box forms in nearly any dimensions needed!
Quality material

Quality Materials

Our fills are pulled and stuffed with care, so that you don't end up with a big ball of stuffing in the middle of your pillow form. Our pillow inserts are made by hand with commercial sewing machines. This "cut and sew operation” ensures that a real person oversees the quality of your pillow forms.

All Corners Stuffed

All Corners Stuffed

Our standard forms (square, round, and rectangular) all have an extra inch added, to ensure that the stuffing fills your cover all the way to the corners. There's no need to do fancy math with our forms, as most customers are thrilled with the fullness when buying the same size form as their cover.

Safety Stitching

Safety Stitching

We use what is called a "safety stitch" on all of our pillow forms. This means you have a single stitch on the inner seam and a serge seam on the outer seam. The result is that you'll find no little duck feathers waddling out on your couch or bed.