Travel Pillows

If you've ever tried taking your regular bed pillow on a trip, you've probably discovered that you need something smaller and easier to pack. And when you're flying--who wants to use that communal travel pillow?!? I believe we all know that leaning against the window or slumping down in your seat will just lead to a stiff neck and back. 

Don't despair!  We have just the thing for you with PillowCubes Premium travel pillow inserts. We have several fill options that are all soft and hypo-allergenic:  

  • Polyester non-woven pillow -- the 100% polyester shell is moisture resistant and easy to wipe clean
  • Polyester woven pillow -- soft on the inside and soft on the outside
  • Down/Feather pillow -- plush and cloud-like comfort 
  • Synthetic down pillow -- feels like down/feather without the allergy concerns

We offer small (12 x 16) and medium (14 x 20) travel pillows, but you aren't limited to these sizes! Some travel pillow covers will be smaller or larger, or you may want to make your own special cover. You can order any of our PillowCubes Premium inserts or request a quote on a size we don't have listed (please round up to the nearest whole inch).  We recommend that you order our size that matches the measurements of your cover.