Choose The Right Pillow

If you’re shopping for standard pillow inserts, like a queen bed pillow, you probably don’t need to know more than pricing. But if you’ve got a pillow cover in hand that you want to fill beautifully, then you probably have lots of questions. We try to answer the big questions on our fill and fabric page, and we try to answer any lingering questions on the individual product pages (with full descriptions, additional information, and reviews). However, we understand that sometimes it’s helpful to just walk through the process of how to buy a specialty pillow insert. 

Step 1 - Determine Shape

This may sound easy, as it’s pretty evident with standard pillows - you have a rectangle, square, or a circle/round. What if you want a bolster insert? While you might see this as a modified rectangle or circle, but we simply classify the shape as a bolster. What if you want a super-thick pillow? With our regular pillows, the thickness (or loft) will be naturally determined by the size of the pillow and the fill type. However, you might be looking for an insert with a distinct third (thickness) dimension. This is considered a box pillow, one that has actual sewn sides. Think about the sofa cushion that you sit on to get the idea of what a box pillow might look like. A box pillow is going to be much more expensive both in price and in shipping because of the increased size and weight.

Step 2 - Determine Size

This step requires the careful use of a measuring tape or knowledge of what you want. If you have an existing pillow cover, spread it out smoothly and measure the length and width. For most fabric types, you will want to order the exact same size insert. If you have knit fabrics, delicate fabrics, or don’t want your cover completely filled out, then you may want to order an insert one inch smaller (both length and width). If you want your cover to be “over-stuffed,” then you may want to order an insert one inch larger (both length and width).

Now, we know that you may be used to automatically ordering larger pillows in order to get one that fits, but be aware that our square, rectangle, and round pillow inserts all have an actual measurement of one inch larger than the ordered size (as shown in the additional information under each product). We have taken the guesswork out of the equation for you!

Step 3 - Determine Fill Type 

Fill type is generally a matter of preference, but a few situations require special attention.

  • Do you have allergies? Avoid down/feather fills.
  • Do you want to give pillows a “karate chop” look? Stick with synthetic down or down/feather fills.
  • Do you want a firm look or feel? Select polyester fills.
  • Do you want to use it outdoors? Choose a polyester fill (with non-woven outer shell), aka poly non-woven.
  • Learn more about our fill and fabric types 

As an additional note, we offer three types of down/feather fills. The first number represents down content and the second number represents the feather content. So, a 10/90 will be a soft pillow, a 25/75 will be even more plush, and a 50/50 will be a luxurious option. All of our fill types have a shell that is automatically paired with them: Feather-proof 100% cotton for all down/feather fills, and a polyester/cotton blend for our synthetic down fill. For our polyester fill, you can choose a soft polyester/cotton blend (aka woven) or a durable and outdoor friendly 100% polyester (aka non-woven).

Step 4 - Order

Whether you’re purchasing a single pillow for personal use or purchasing 100 forms for your business (or something in-between), you can see the different pricing (based on quantity ordered) and order right from there. Do you want a size that isn’t listed? Just click on Custom Order and shoot us a message about your needs. We’ll put together just about any size for typical shapes (rectangles, squares, rounds, bolsters, and box forms), and there are no minimum orders. However, if you want a unique shape or screen printing, we do require a minimum of 100 inserts.

Still have questions? Reach out to us through the Contact page and let us guide you through the process.