This is the most common pillow filling used.  The polyester fiber filling has the greatest thickness of any fiber we use.  Polyester filling is great for anyone with allergies, as it is hypo-allergenic.  This fiber is commonly used in both indoor and outdoor use fillings.

Our polyester fill is offered in a woven shell (poly/cotton blend) and a non-woven shell (100% polyester). The non-woven polyester is commonly used in outdoor pillow covers.  This polyester is more durable than other materials when wet and dried, and is naturally moisture repellant.  (We do not warrant our pillow forms for outdoor use.) 

 Learn more about our pillows and the fill types available here.

Quality Reminder: Our pillow manufacturing process ensures that the corners of every pillow are filled so you don't end up with a large lump of filling in the middle. 100% Made in the USA.

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