About Us

What is PillowCubes?

We started our company with the concept of providing case or "cube" quantities of quality American-made pillow forms. Thus, the name, "PillowCubes"-- because your pillows will come in a box the shape of a cube!  We ship your cube direct from East Tennessee, where all our products are made.  Each cube contains a different number of pillow forms, based on the size of the insert you select.  

Over the years, we had increasing requests to offer purchases of individual pillows, and we changed things to allow purchases of any amount.

Our concept

Case shipping is the most cost-effective way to order pillow inserts. One of the big problems with buying a pillow is the shipping! We flatten and vacuum pack your pillow forms to fit in a nice, neat, shippable box. This means we can cost-effectively deliver your pillow forms to your home or office via UPS. If you are ordering 24 or more cases, we can ship by pallet via a trucking company. You must have a dock or a commercial address for these larger orders.

Whether you want a single pillow or several pillows in varying sizes, we will still vacuum pack each pillow and ship in the most cost-effective manner. (Please note: We cannot guarantee that forms will stay compressed during shipping, especially on small orders that don't fill the box.)

Quality Products

We know that you, the customer, also want the best pillow form product. Your American-made pillows are assembled right here in Tennessee, with real people cutting, stitching, stuffing, closing, packing, and shipping every order.

Why are some pillow forms bigger than the pillow you have?

Our rectangle, square, and round forms are one inch larger than the ordered size, and bolster forms are 1/2" larger than the ordered size. We do this to ensure a good amount of stuffing that reaches all the way to the edges and corners of your pillow cover.

Why does my pillow form come so flat?

We compress your product to fit as many forms as possible into one box--minimizing the cost of shipping for large orders. (It's possible that forms may not stay compressed if your order doesn't fill the box completely.)

When you get your pillow forms and take them out of the plastic, the pillows will expand.  We promise the pillow insert will fluff up nicely!

Do we take phone calls?

Yes, but we prefer our contact form.

We are quick to respond to your requests, within one business day (but often quicker than that.

We do not take orders over the phone.

Made In The USA

All of our pillows are made in the USA, and our quality is second to none. If you are looking for other types of American made products, try these links.

Made In America, Buy In America