Ordering Bolsters and Box Forms

Posted by Heather Galloway on Sep 7th 2016

While most of our customers use a standard pillow (rectangle, square, or round), sometimes you need something a little more special. We include bolsters and box forms in our regular pillow offerings so that you can add that extra pop or use pillows in more unique ways.

Bolster pillow form

A bolster pillow insert is shaped like a cylinder and looks splendid along a bench, a swing, or your bed. Please note that all our bolster sizes have the diameter listed first and the length listed second. When deciding what size bolster insert to purchase, simply measure the diameter and length of your cover. All our bolster inserts are manufactured to be ½” larger, to ensure that they fit snugly in your covers.

boxed pillow insert

A box pillow insert has a distinct, third (thickness) dimension. It has actual sides, instead of a natural loft like in standard pillows. Please note that all our box sizes have the length and width listed followed by the height listed last. Simply measure these three dimensions on your existing cover to determine the size you need. All our box inserts are manufactured exactly to the size ordered, to make sure nothing is overstuffed.

Please note that box pillows and standard pillows aren’t interchangable. A box pillow insert requires a special cover. Since many box pillows are used for seating, you may want to avoid down/feather fills, as they will flatten with regular, heavy use. If you’re just looking for a thick, lofty pillow, order a standard form, since a box pillow is going to be much more expensive both in price and in shipping because of the increased size and weight.

Do you want a size that isn’t listed? Just click on Custom Order and shoot us a message about your needs. We’ll put together just about any size for typical shapes (rectangles, squares, rounds, bolsters, and box forms), and there are no minimum orders. (There is one exception: Eco-Friendly Non-Woven forms require a purchase of 20 forms per size.) However, if you want a unique shape or screen printing, we do require a minimum of 100 inserts.