Quick Reference Guide

Here is a quick guide to terms used on this website and in the pillow form industry.

Pillow form

This is simply the "pillow" that folks put inside pillow cases or shams.

Pillow insert

This is the same thing as a pillow form.  Many people use the terms interchangeably. 


This is a term that means "polyester" and is just a shortened version of the word.

Stuffing - This term refers to the filling or "stuffing" material used in pillow forms.

Shell - There are times the word "poly" refers to polyester used in the fabric or outer shell of the pillow.  


This means a mixture of two items, mainly in fabrics.  An example would be a blend of cotton and polyester. The blend is typically a bit heavier, softer, and a bit more expensive than a single-item fabric.


This would mean 50% of one product and 50% of another product.  An example would be a 50/50 polyester/cotton mixture in a blended fabric that creates a pillow form.  

Down Feather

This typically would be a mixed-ratio of pillow form fill consisting of organic duck feathers and goose down.  An example would be a 10/90 down feather pillow, where 10% of the fill is goose down and 90% is brown duck feathers.

Synthetic Down

This is a much smaller polyester filled fiber than standard poly filled pillows. It is almost 1/10th the size of a normally poly fiber and more difficult to work with on the manufacturing side.


This refers to a 100%-cotton fabric used in feather pillows.  This fabric type is very tight and does not allow the duck feather or goose down to "poke through."

Safety Stitch

This is an example of a "double-stitch" technique used to assure good seals around all the edges of the pillow seams.

Case or "cube" of pillows

This refers to the box that your pillows come in.  Because of size differences of the pillows, a different count may be included for each box ordered.  Please see the item description for details concerning how many pillow forms come in a case or "cube."

Compressed Pillow

This is how we send your pillow to you in order to save on shipping costs.  We compress the pillow, then vaccum seal the piillow in a plastic material. (We cannot guarantee that forms will stay compressed during shipping, especially on small orders that don't fill the box.)

Sterilized Contents

All products we use to make your case of pillows are sterilized per PA-8816(OH) standard.


Our poly-filled pillow forms are known to have little to no effect on people with allergies.


A lightweight, closely woven white cotton fabric.


We hope that you find this list helpful and hope to become your pillow form supplier!

-The PillowCubes.com Team