Synthetic Down Pillow Inserts

If you suffer from allergies but still want the feel and "action" of a down filled pillow, we have the solution for you. 

Down Filled Pillow Action 

The feeling of a down pillow is quite different than a 100% polyester pillow.  The main difference is "staying power".  This means that if you form a shape on your bed or couch pillow, a down filled pillow will stay in that shape.  One reason you might want staying power is to have the popular "karate chop" look.  The issue is that you can't make this happen when you have a normal polyester filled pillow because the fiber in these pillows are too dense.   

Fiber Sizes

The size of filling in a synthetic down filled fiber is less than 10% of the "regular" polyester fiber. While this sounds simple to create a down feel for the consumer, this presents a problem in the manufacturing process. (It's not just as simple as using smaller fibers in place of larger fibers.)

The smaller fibers really do make a mess as you stuff the pillow.  The fibers are so small that the synthetics cling to everything.  This makes the labor cost to manufacture and stuff higher than a normal pillow.  

The feel of this pillow is very similar to a down filled pillow and may be even be better as you don't feel any of the stiff parts of the down filling.

Of course, the huge advantage is the fact that these fibers are synthetic and are considered hypo-allergenic.