Testimonials & Reviews

Don't take our word for it when we say our pillow inserts are the best. Take a look at what some of the experts in the field have to say.


I love the synthetic down pillow insert.  Absolutely just what I was looking for to launch my new A Happy Life Pillows!!! I tested several different brands from several companies, and although this one was definitely not the most cost effective, the quality and the feel was hands down the best and met the standard I was hoping to achieve.  Thank you!

The round 20" pillow form I have received is AMAZING!! So fluffy and heavy! It’s filled with down feathers! Wow! Luxurious, I tell you!
--Denise, DIY Crush

I was a bit nervous as I pulled the flat, vacuum-tight bags out of the box. Were these going to be the fluffy inserts I was hoping for? But within seconds of removing the plastic, I had a super nice, fluffy, feathery insert ready to go… #vacuumsaremagic
 --Megan, The Homes I Have Made

I'm really happy with my PillowCubes insert, it's soft, fluffy and well made. Their online checkout was simple and the pillow arrived within a couple business days, easy peasy!
--Rachel, Fifty Two Weekends of DIY (now Urban Acreage)

You can find inserts from PillowCubes for every size and shape of pillow shown here as well as any size or shape you could possibly ever need and have them shipped right to your door! It couldn’t be easier!
--Sonya, Beyond the Screen Door

The pillow form I tried was a 12 x 16 down alternative pillow, sometimes referred to as "synthetic down." I was pleasantly surprised to realize how closely this synthetic version resembles a real down pillow -with all the benefits of a hypo-allergenic pillow!
--Suzanne, Just Another Hangup

When my sample arrived in a Flat Rate envelope I was amazed it would fit in there – turns out they are vacuum sealed to save space. Once opened, the pillow puffs up to its normal size. I love that the pillow is made of good quality unbleached cotton (Less chemicals), stitched and edge-finished on 3 edges, the 4th is folded, and the filling is distributed evenly and out to the corners.
--Sherri, Thread Riding Hood

The pillows are amazing. I really love them.
--Marty, A Stroll Thru Life

I’m so happy to have discovered PillowCubes. They have many different types and sizes of pillows. Their shipping was very fast and the prices are GREAT.  If you have shopped for high quality, down pillows, you know they can be very pricey.  I am happy to have found a new supplier.
--Nicole, Doodles & Stitches

The pillow inserts from PillowCubes are full, and the quality is obvious!  I’ve purchased many pillow forms in my time and I can honestly tell you that these are superior to anything I’ve ever used.
--Patti, Old Things New

Over the years, I’ve seen my share of poor quality pillow forms – empty corners, lumpy filler, hardening over time, and things like that.  I was happy to see the PillowCubes form so nicely filled.  The quality is the best I’ve seen – no lumping or separating.  It is very cushy, and my pillow turned out nice and full yet soft.
--Kim, Curtain Queen Creates

I selected a pillow form which is 25% Down and 75% Feather.  In my opinion, that is the best of both worlds.  It holds it’s shape with the feather, and adds a cozy factor with the down.
--Cami, Tidbits

As much as I love craft stores, I have no idea where or how the pillow forms that I purchase there are really made.  I felt easy going into making this pillow knowing that I made choices to reuse old fabric, and fill the pillowcase with a consciously made stuffing.  Thank you, PillowCubes, for giving me a more sustainable and ethical pillow form option!
--Addie, Old World New

PillowCubes offers you the option of materials for the insert and there’s a little something for everyone. On their site you can shop by size, shape and even type of filling. You can also request custom pillow shapes which is AWESOME.
--Anna, Way of the Glue Gun

I’m happy to say the pillow forms sent to me were great quality so I feel totally comfortable recommending them to my fellow crafters and DIYer’s.
--Kelley, A Domestic Life

PillowCubes has great pillows in a variety of other sizes and in a variety of materials.
--Sherri, A Quilting Life