Goodbye to Eco-Friendly Pillows

Jan 15th 2019

Goodbye to Eco-Friendly PillowsIf you’ve spent any time getting to know us, our story, and our pillows, you’ve probably come to understand what sets PillowCubes apart in this business. As a small, USA … read more

New Year Resolutions for Your Home

Jan 11th 2019

NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS FOR YOUR HOMENew year, new resolutions. Isn't that the way it goes? Usually when we're considering resolutions for a new year, we create them around topics pertaining to our own h … read more

Best Home Blog Posts of 2018

Jan 8th 2019

2019 is here and we are excited to dive into a brand new year filled with all things home, design, and -- of course -- pillows! Before we get too far into the swing of a new year, we wanted to take so … read more

Best Designed Christmas Trees

Dec 10th 2018

We love the holidays season for a number of reasons, but one of the ultimate highlights is the chance to exercise our creator brains while transforming our homes, porches, and mantles into pretty wint … read more

Quantity Pillow Discounts | Bulk Pillow Ordering

Dec 6th 2018

Quantity Pillow DiscountsWhether you are a bargain shopper or not, there is no denying the simple truth that everyone loves a great discount... especially when it comes to home products! When you … read more