Goodbye to Eco-Friendly Pillows

Jan 15th 2019

Goodbye to Eco-Friendly Pillows

If you’ve spent any time getting to know us, our story, and our pillows, you’ve probably come to understand what sets PillowCubes apart in this business. As a small, USA-based business, we strive to create excellent products every time. It’s simply something we pride ourselves on and an element of our business model that truly sets us apart as pillow makers. With our handcrafted-to-order approach, we have the opportunity to pay close attention to every seam, stuff, and stitch for each pillow insert we make. Rather than stock piling hundreds of pre-made inserts, we are able to dedicate time to each order and thus ensure your pillow forms are made with absolute excellence, every time.

About three years ago, we discovered an Eco-friendly pillow fill option that would serve as the avenue to creating green, earth-friendly options for our planet minded customers. While we knew from the beginning that Eco-fills tended to “clump” more than our virgin fibers, we were also confident this green-friendly version outweighed the possibility of clumping and rolled out the product.

Our newest pillow type was met with great appreciation and feedback from customers spanning from all backgrounds. The resounding opinion was that our Eco-filled pillows were set apart in both excellence and quality, and we were thrilled to offer such a unique product to our customers.

After several months though, we began noticing our pillow stuffing machine was slowing down due to clumps and clogging. We’d have it cleaned, looked at, and cleared out. It would seem to run seamlessly for a few months, then we’d encounter more issues. We eventually hit a critical moment that caused the entire machine to break down in December of this year, putting a hard stop to our quality pillow creation and altering our normally lightning-fast shipping speeds. After much contemplation, we came to the realization that the breakdown was a direct result of the Eco-friendly fiber clumping and getting caught in the machine. Unfortunately, this discovery lead us to the difficult decision to discontinue our use of Eco-friendly pillow fills.

As we’ve always said, our primary goal at PillowCubes is to create excellent pillows every time while making your entire pillow buying experience simple, straightforward, and without hiccups. Pair this mission with lighting-fast shipping speeds, and we fully believe our approach to pillow buying is comparable to none other. With the continual machine issues caused by the Eco-fill, we were not able to maintain our company goal and mission of providing excellence every step of the way, and we have realized returning to our roots was the best approach to rectifying this situation. While we are disappointed to discontinue our well-loved Eco-fill pillows, we are excited to dedicate even more time and excellence to the creation of our polyester (often the next choice to Eco-fill), down, and synthetic down pillow inserts.

If you’ve been a longtime Eco-fill purchaser from PillowCubes, we’d love to invite you to try our best selling polyester fill inserts as an alternative solution! Our polyester fill options are a favorite across all customer types and we are confident you'll find this fill type a new favorite as well. If you're interested in trying a poly-fill, please email us at and we will be more than happy to send send you a special, one-time offer code!