It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year for Saving!

Posted by Heather Galloway on Nov 27th 2019

We recently gave you the scoop about the connection between down/feather and the recent Chinese tariffs in our blog article, "What's up with Down?".  While we provided a discount temporarily on those luxurious versions of down/feather, we wanted to share an even better way to avoid the rising costs from tariffs.

You can avoid down/feather cost increases due to tariffs by switching over to our synthetic down pillows. Our synthetic down fiber and fabric are sourced in the United States, so it's local items used to make local products in our local facility (a win all the way around).  We use a fiber that is nearly 1/10 of the "normal polyester" fill fibers. This gives you the "staying power" of a down pillow with all the benefits of a hypo-allergenic pillow. You can chop or otherwise shape these pillows and sink into luxury just like a down/feather pillow. Some folks refer to synthetic down as a down alternative. 

With the rapidly approaching Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, we wanted to celebrate the most wonderful time of year for saving, with a special discount on our synthetic down pillows. So, from today through Monday, you will get one synthetic down pillow for every two synthetic down pillows purchased.  No coupon code required--you automatically get the discount.  PLUS, this offer DOES combine with our quantity discounts and wholesale discounts.  Everyone wins this holiday season!

Beyond all the sales and the hype this coming weekend, we are very thankful for each of our customers. We hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends this year -- Happy Thanksgiving!