Holiday Treats (and Tips)

Posted by Heather Galloway on Dec 12th 2017

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, but the days are going fast. We're entering the final days of holiday orders, so take note of the deadlines below:*Please note that these dates are bas … read more

Pillow Comparison Chart

Posted by Heather Galloway on Oct 12th 2017

We get this question a lot, and it's an important question. We are happy to offer many choices with our custom-made pillows, but we know that all those choices can be overwhelming. So, we've created t … read more

Another Pillow Giveaway

Posted by Heather Galloway on Sep 11th 2017

Would you like a free pillow?Hey PillowCubes Fans! It's time for another giveaway--but hurry, the contest ends on September 13th!This time we'll have TWO winners. Each winner will receive our 28 x 48 … read more

A New Pillow-Buying Experience

Posted by Heather Galloway on Jul 31st 2017

It has been a long, hard road but V2 is live and thriving. Thanks for all the great feedback over the past few months as we implemented changes, big and small, to the site! We have a b … read more

Seven Things People Put under their Pillow

Posted by Heather Galloway on Jul 11th 2016

Since the invention of pillows, people have been putting things under their pillow. There’s a  variety of reasons for this, from practical needs to cultural traditions to superstitions. Regardles … read more