Pillow Comparison Chart

Posted by Heather Galloway on Oct 11th 2017

We get this question a lot, and it's an important question. We are happy to offer many choices with our custom-made pillows, but we know that all those choices can be overwhelming. So, we've created this chart to help out a bit:

Polyester Non-Woven

Polyester Woven

Synthetic Down

10/90 Down Feather

25/75 Down Feather

50/50 Down Feather

Can Be Shaped?NoNoYesYesYesYes
Periodic Fluffing?NoNoYesYesYesYes
Filling100% Polyester100% PolyesterPulled Polyester10% Down,  90% Feather  25% Down, 75% Feather50% Down, 50% Feather
Shell100% PolyesterPoly/Cotton BlendPoly/Cotton Blend100% Feather-Proof Cotton100% Feather-Proof Cotton100% Feather-Proof Cotton
Typical UsesOutdoor Living, Pet Beds, HospitalityEveryday Use, HospitalityPlush Pillows
for Allergy Sufferers
Plush Living, Luxurious ArrangementExquisite Displays

Price: When it comes to price, it also matters what size and shape your pillow is. Our 20 x 20 pillow will cost more than our 12 x 12 pillow, and a boxed pillow will cost more than a standard pillow (rectangles, squares, and rounds). ***Don't forget that you can get discounts when purchasing multiple pillows in one order (discounts start with just 6 pillows)***

Washable: While dry cleaning is the preferred method for cleaning a pillow insert, some pillows can handle a gentle laundering. For some tips on cleaning your pillows at home, check out our FAQ.

Firmness, Shaping, & Fluffing: All of our pillow forms are soft and comfortable, and none of them would quality as "extra firm".

  • Our polyester pillow inserts will provide support and won't flatten out. They will stay the same shape, regardless of use; because of this property, they will not need fluffing.
  • Our down/feather and synthetic down pillow inserts will be airy and fluffy--they can temporarily flatten out when used for support. They can be "chopped" or otherwise shaped to meet your aesthetics. These pillows will need fluffing since the materials can settle and compact over time and/or use; it's easy to toss them and fluff them to get back to that lovable loftiness.

Filling & Shell: Please review our Fill & Fabric Information for all the details. Our synthetic down fill is 100% polyester that has been pulled to 1/10 of its normal size, so that it will be light and lofty (feeling like down/feather but easy on the allergies since it's hypo-allergenic). Also, our 100% cotton shell (used for all the down/feather pillow forms) is a soft, tight 233-thread count fabric, which prevents feathers from poking through--and our sewing techniques keep the down from escaping out of the seams!

Usage: You can use our pillows just about anywhere--we have customers using them on boats, in hospitals, in hotels, in house staging, for design projects, for business giveaways, with children's crafts, for pet beds, and all over the home.