What's up with Down?

Posted by Heather Galloway on Nov 15th 2019

I think all Americans have been following the increasingly complex tariff discussions, and we're all concerned with our costs.  Businesses are worried about costs increasing and customers are worried about prices increasing.  The pillow industry is right there in the thick of it, especially because the ever popular down/feather pillow almost always requires material purchases from China. So, you may be wondering what's up with down and feathers?  

All of this started with an investigation by the United States Trade Representatives on August 2017. They were investigating China's policies and practices relating to technology and innovation. The investigation determined that the policies and practices of China are discriminatory or unreasonable. Furthermore, it was determined that these practices and policies burden or restrict U.S. commerce. Because of these findings, the United States took action under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974. 

This action is what kicked off our path of ever-increasing tariffs on an ever-growing list of items. With each new group of tariff updates, we all hoped that down and feather blends would stay off the list. Unfortunately, down and feathers made the third list in September 2018. That list began as a 10% tariff but then increased to a 25% tariff in June this year. Since more than 80% of the world's down and feather supply comes from China, the only options are really to deal with the price increase or stop making down feather pillows.

During this time, we've maintained our prices and just dealt with the large cost increase. We've held on and hoped that tariffs wouldn't raise to 25% and furthermore hoped that the tariffs would end.  Unfortunately, they seem here to stay (and there's even talk about raising the percentage again). Since we don't want to stop offering down feather entirely, we have to raise prices.  Next week, our prices on the 25/75 down feather and the 50/50 down feather products will go up. We're holding off on the 10/90 down feather products until the end of the year.  If tariffs remain, we will likely have to raise those prices in January. 

However, there is good news -- at least for this weekend!  We are giving you the 25%, in your favor!  Just use the code Tariff25 to receive 25% off any 25/75 or 50/50 down feather pillows, with a minimum purchase of $250. Now's your chance to stock up on these warm, luxurious down feather blends.